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Sasha World travel Vacation Packages

Vacation Packages.

Its time for you to take that well deserved break, but your not sure where to go or how much it’s going to cost you. No worries, our experts will curate one of the best experiences you could ever imagine!

Tours - Sasha World Travel


There’s so much more to see in this world. Let us take you on a tour of some of the most beautiful places in the world. Whether it be a trip to the Amazon, or hiking up the Blue Mountains in Jamaica, we’ll get you there!

Sasha World travel Car Rentals

Car Rentals.

If you’re like myself, then as soon as you get off the plane you want to know that there’s a car waiting on you outside. We got you covered. Affordable car rentals and luxury rides are our specialty.

Sasha World travel Groups

Group Travels.

Sometimes the best memories are shared with friends and family. Additionally, it can be a lot more cost effective when you travel in groups. Let us do all the planning for you, from destination to activities. We got you!

Sasha World travel Cruises


Nothing like sailing the ocean in style. Give the clouds a break and come see what it’s like exploring the seven seas. Not to mention the many carnival cruises you can be apart of.

Airline Tickets.

Already know where you’re going? Okay great, we can help you find the best airline to get you there and the best prices as well!

Sasha World travel Hotel booking


Destination covered, and you have your ticket in hand, but wait…Where will you be staying? No worries, we have connections with some of the best hotels world wide and we can get you the best deal for your money. Let us take care of where you’ll be staying.

Sasha World travel Visa Application

Visa Applications.

From application to interview, we can get you ready for your next visa application. Let our experts take care of this for you, without the hassle and headache.

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